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Nerdtek Inc. Track’s platform is available through our partners (Telematics Service Providers or TSP’s) in over 70 countries across six continents. Our extensive network is constantly growing as a result of our efficient, cost-effective white label solution and a skilled, dedicated support team.NerdTek Inc. offers our partners full client control to manage day-to-day activities, ensuring end-clients get up and running quickly, and reducing administrative delays. NerdTek Inc. provides our partners with a dedicated account manager and personal, one-on-one interaction with our skilled support team.
NerdTek Inc. Track’s multiple-language platform, with the ability to add new languages on demand, makes for an easy-to-use service in any country. In this rapidly evolving industry, NerdTek Inc. is constantly adding new features and functions to our platform to keep ahead of the curve. NerdTek Inc. adheres to the highest standards of service at every level – making for an outstanding customer experience and a successful working relationship with all our partners around the world.

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Innovation Driven by Technology

Increase Tractability, Profitability and Efficiency

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Driver Behavior
NerdTek Inc. allows for detailed driver monitoring, identifying incidents of harsh braking, aggressive acceleration, speeding, rapid cornering, and many other driving-related metrics. We also provide a point-based system for driver ranking.

Full Control:

End-clients have full management of their resources through an advanced range of features, including

  • One window for all tracking companies
  • In-depth reports
  • Graphic-rich dashboards
  • Real-time alerts
  • Mobile applications for Android and Apple
  • Integration of the latest telematics equipment available.

Trip Management:
NerdTek Inc. connects to any API which provides the basic information for the vehicle movement and works aside from your ERP/Business system to provide you the complete end-to-end trip management. P2P covers both

Primary movement
Secondary movement
Last-mile delivery

Live Video
NerdTek Inc. has integration features that allow it to connect to any Mobile DVR allowing customers to view their vehicles and also see there video

‘Always-on’ products

Use enhanced insight to understand your distribution cycle
Cut out traditional tracking and logistics when running trips
Tailor and modify consumer engagement on the go

On the shelf, in your home or retail outlet, or warehouse. Through constant connectivity, an organization can view its distribution cycle through the P2P dashboard and data insight tools

With NerdTek Inc. a leader in oil and gas, we enabled complete trip management with inventory dispatches to retail outlets and depots.
Keep Customers Back:

Add products and print barcodes quickly, import products, transfer products from one place to another, easily sell online, or in-store with an automated inventory.

Fuel Monitoring & Management:
Nerdtek Inc. Track supports a wide range of technologies for effective fuel monitoring. These include management functions such as fuel usage reports and various real-time alerts for fuel-related incidents such as theft and re-fuels.

Google Integration:
The NerdTek Inc. Track platform is integrated with Google services, including Google Maps, Google Traffic, Google Street View, and Google Road Speeds.


Estimated Time of Delivery
NerdTek Inc. calculates the ETA and the ETD based upon the best route which can be shared with the customer using SMS API or emails

Best Route Optimization
NerdTek Inc. Track provides the customer with the best route optimization to increase fuel efficiency and decrease the trip time

Queue Management
NerdTek Inc. provides a satellite queue management which provides live numbering of the vehicles arrived in the designated area


Document Management
NerdTek Inc. has a built-in document management application that allows customers to upload the document as per their need, this module can also be integrated with other systems

Find My Truck:

NerdTek Inc. provides App for customers/distributors/retailers for providing the current location on a map for their deliveries securely with an effective sales process anywhere, anytime.

Delay Escalation:
NerdTek Inc. Track has a built-in mechanism for escalation alerts based upon the percentage of late time on any trip with informing to the different levels of management

Customer App:
Customer App is designed to fulfill the customer needs, with a built-in mechanism for finding the nearest point of sale and then navigating to it. companies using this module could also update there latest products, upcoming market strategies, and suggestion on the product or the services

NerdTek Inc. Tracking App:
NerdTek Inc. provides a multi-functional App, providing companies with groups, searching, and multi-selection of vehicles

Trip App

Trip App is a detailed App that provides complete information of the trip, the geolocation of the vehicle and the retail outlet, and the alert message with the duration of the vehicle idle on the particular location

Confirm a quick exit:

NerdTek Inc. has a delivery order verification App that allows the customer to verify the DO on the field with complete detailed information and decrease the chances of counter fit deliveries

Container Sizing:
NerdTek Inc. has a significant module that allows the customer to automatically calculate the sizing of there shipments/orders and recommended the best available vehicle reducing the cost of delivery to primary or secondary deliveries

Vehicle Maintenance:
NerdTek Inc. allows the customer to monitor the health of the vehicle by providing usage of the battery life and tyres. The system also holds an inventory module that can be used for managing the in-house quantity


Container Sizing
NerdTek Inc. has a significant module which allows the customer to automatically calculate the sizing of there shipments/orders and recommended the best available vehicle reducing the cost of delivery to primary or secondary deliveries


White Labeled
TheNerdTek Inc. offers a white label solution. This allows partners to place their logo on the desktop version, and the app too, enhancing brand recognition for our partners.

Tyre Usage

NerdTek Inc. has a module that uses RFID tags for monitoring the health or usage of any single tyre being used on the fleet

Warehouse & Retail outlet Management:
NerdTek Inc. allows the customer to manage the information of both warehouses and retail outlets for business data, document management & supplies made any point in time

Sales Analysis region wise & location wise:
NerdTek Inc. provides live sales analysis which can be used by the strategy teams to maximize there sales and distribution network

Smart Geocoding:
NerdTek Inc. provides smart geo coding enabling customers to add geofences on the basis of address and latitude and longitude

Field Force

NerdTek Inc. Field Force modules provide an offline app to its customer which companies can use to track their field personnel and manage their task. The module has a Manager role and subordinate rolls which can be maintained there task.

Cluster Management:

NerdTek Inc. provides a cluster management tool that allows customers to plan there orders intelligently

Proof of Delivery:
NerdTek Inc. provides an App that drivers can use for obtaining proof of delivery from the delivery point making it visible to the head office in just a few seconds

Integrated Dashboard:
Imagine what you can do with NerdTek Inc. mass trip management. Putting a NerdTek Inc. on every delivery order or good transfer note connects you with your consumers. It’s a new key touchpoint for one-to-one interactions. Data-driven experiences, long-term data archives, consumer insights, and feedback are just some of the things made possible and highly affordable.


Integration to your Business System
NerdTek Inc. provides a 2-way integration to its customer which can provide accurate information to business system

Advanced Reporting
NerdTek Inc. provides an enhanced reporting mechanism that provides complete 360-degree reporting of the fleet and trips


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