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 Grow your Business With NerdTek Inc. POS (Point Of Sale) That Is Customizable For All Businesses​​

NerdTek Inc. offers a comprehensive software solution for many retail businesses. Whether you own a large business or a small home-based business, our POS features can sell your unique business needs.​

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Full Asset Management:

Completely control your inventory with the newly added asset management feature in our sales software. This POS software feature allows you to add and manage products with unparalleled freedom.

. Take Control of Your Initiation:
Add products and print barcodes quickly, import products, transfer products from one place to another, easily sell online, or in-store with an automated inventory.

. Organize and manage:
Create and tailor smart shopping, give category, product type, color, and size. Manage your stock in most places without problems.

. Innovative Central Management:
Establish and use centralized asset management for multiple locations and online stores for complete management.

Accurate customer service

To keep your loyal customers coming back, you can see the styles, shopping habits, and products they spent the most to bring them back to your store.

. Keep Customers Back:

Add products and print barcodes quickly, import products, transfer products from one place to another, easily sell online, or in-store with an automated inventory.

. Create a Customer Database:
It is easy to create a customer database that will allow you to store new customer information freely on exit to analyze important information.

. Attracting the Right Customers:
Use customer data to understand your existing customers and call the right customer group for email marketing.


Effective Accounting Module:

It’s the perfect time to bring your business activities to the digital world and take advantage of using our web-based SOS POS on any device securely with an effective sales process anywhere, anytime.

. Sheet and Weight Rate:
See how your business has been performing with a wide range of losses and losses and analyze the financial position of your business with sound decisions.

. Create Detailed Expense Voucher:
Track all your operating costs in our built-in accounting module. Allows you to create detailed discounts on the cost-effective recording.

. General Ledger overview:
Categorize, record, and display all of your transactions in one place in a standard ledger that provides the information needed to create a business financial statement.

Combined payments

Combined payments for NerdTek Inc. is a trading platform that allows users to take payments for products purchased at the point of sale and can be taken at a cash register.

. Confirm a quick exit:

This POS software feature allows you to easily access mobile payments anywhere within your store simply to reduce waiting times.

. Major payment options:
All cards, credits, and coins are welcome, so you can accept any of these payment methods to provide complete flexibility to your customers.

. One-time Input Input:
If the customer refunds, you will not need to ask for card details again as all payment and card details will be on your list.


24/7 worldwide customer support

Customer support service is one of the most important POS software features and we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers through a dedicated network of customer service providers to quickly deal with all your concerns.

. Individual moments:
We believe in individual times, therefore, any of our clients can have free time with our agents so that all their questions can be answered and problems resolved.

. Personalized Solution:
Our enthusiastic customer team is always there to help you find the right solution for your business.

. Timely Answers to Questions:
If, in case you do not have time to call, just send us an email or message in the chat and our agent will be there to answer all your questions.

CRM to Increase Retail

Keeping customers happy and making them feel respected is the most important decision of marketing success. Our NerdTek Inc. POS sales feature is included to help you keep your customers first and keep them connected to your business.

. Single Data Tracking:

NerdTek Inc. CRM for sale is integrated with our POS cloud software where you can track real-time sales data from all channels in a single database.

. Analyze customer data:
Use customer understanding to understand their performance and anticipate their future needs appropriately to serve them better.

. Create custom promotions::
Keep customers coming back with personalized promotions and targeted email campaigns, here’s how to find loyal customers.



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