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Storing your paperless office documents on your computer or on your local server poses a risk of a hard drive failure, fire, flood or burglary. And what if you want to access one of those important files away from the office? The ultimate online document management system for small, medium, and large businesses and organizations, is the world’s easiest DMS! We didn’t associate it with a lot of people who didn’t really need real people. Therefore, you can easily find the texts you need! ​.

Enterprise Content Server

Document Key Enterprise Content Server is designed on amodern age architecture providing your organizations with​ a complete set of tools for handling and managing theirdocuments in a secured and easy manner.

Server Features

  • Multiple Repositories
  • Multiple Cabinets
  • Customizing Metadata
  • Designing Cabinet Hierarchy


Document Key has a comprehensive User Management with role based assigned rights for cabinets and even documents present in the cabinet providing the organization with secured and easy access to data.

Document Key CAPTURE Client

Document Key CAPTURE Client is a multi-functional tool that is used for Bulk Scanning, metadata indexing, CAPTURE client is comprised of all the functionalities of modern age Capturing architecture. With a unique licensing term based upon user license and not a number of scans. CAPTURE client uses the client-server model architecture with a distinct optional feature of caching of files on user station for viewing due to any network bottlenecks.​

CAPTURE client can also be integrated with any third-party database or data source to retrieve data on the basis of special keys.​


Active Directory Integration​

Document Key is completely integrated with Active Directory in compliance to a single sign-on feature in organizations

  • Directional Integration:
    Connect Active Directory, LDAP, Google, HCM, or use OneLogin as your cloud guide. login zero-config AD Connector allows you to grant and restore access in real-time. No firewall changes are required.
    OneLogin enables users to login once – to their local network or OneLogin – and launch their web applications by simply clicking on the OneLogin icon. Eliminate password fatigue and risk stealing sensitive information.

CAPTURE client can also be integrated with any third-party database or data source to retrieve data on the basis of special keys.​

Document Key WEB Client

WEB Client is designed on the architecture to provide zero administration and a seamless interface for the user. The user will have the functionality to search the revision proof document in the cabinets using the full-text search feature assigned to him by the user administration module. data source to retrieve data on the basis of special keys.​


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